Watch back our October 5th event!

This panel will explore the importance of creativity in the digital space, how it influences product development, and practical strategies to foster creativity within a team or organisation.

This is event was hosted by David Loughlan

Panel Members:

John Bevan – Design Director @ Bejo

I help leaders advance the world through design and technology, creating mesmerising new products & services, optimising and enriching design experiences, and driving growth and strategic advantage through creativity.

Jessica (Björedahl) Bjoeredahl – Senior UX Writer @ Whatfix

Jessica Bjoeredahl has been in UX for over 5 years, working with major players in finance, cybersecurity, insurance, and, currently, digital adoption. Though her primary role has always been UX writing, accessibility and inclusivity have always been a heavy influence and passion in her work as she strives to write for everyone to feel included. Now, she is writing guidelines for Whatfix’s design system, Navi, including guidelines for accessibility and inclusivity, which have drastically improved (and will continue to improve) Whatfix’s appeal to diverse audiences.

Ade-Lee Adebiyi – Head of Design @ SoPost

Hey I’m Ade-Lee. Head of design with 11+ years of industry experience. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Most recently at the world’s best digital sampling provider, SoPost. Previously, at Turnitin — the world’s largest student originality verifier (make sure dem kids don’t cheat yo). I love helping brands improve their product through research-driven design or just helping them create badass-looking stuff! I’m also a big fan of collaborative workshops and love to facilitate them!

Poppy Reid – Product Design Leadership @ Fleek

After a career spanning companies and projects within B2B, FinTech, eCommerce and DevTools, I’m currently leading design at Fleek, a wholesale vintage marketplace backed by investors such as a16z and YCombinator. I’m also one of ADPList’s top 50 female mentors, and occasionally I work with Edinburgh College to guest tutor their HND UX Course. I started my career as a screen printer, rolling with the times and new technologies until I discovered that I had a knack for solving really complex design problems and moved into Product Design. I’ve been a team of one and led teams of 15, but my approach remains the same when it comes to design thinking and process.

Topics covered in this panel:

How would you define creativity in the context of digital product development, and why is it essential for success?

What are some practical ways to foster creativity within a team or organisation involved in digital product development?

How can the integration of creativity in the design process enhance the user experience of digital products?

Examples of innovative and creative digital products that have achieved notable success, and what sets them apart.

How do you strike a balance between creativity and practical constraints, such as technical feasibility and business goals, during the development of digital products?

How can interdisciplinary collaboration and diversity within teams contribute to more creative and innovative digital product development?

What role does user research and feedback play in driving creative decision-making during the development of digital products?

How can creativity be effectively communicated and aligned with stakeholders’ expectations throughout the product development lifecycle?

Personal experiences and case study where creativity played a significant role in the success of a digital product.

How do you see the role of creativity evolving in the future of digital product development, considering emerging technologies and changing user expectations?

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