Join us for our next in person event. Taking place from 6-9 PM.

Location and final details announced soon!

With the unpredictable nature of today’s market, especially in the digital sphere, this topic will explore strategies for resilience, how to pivot, and how to adapt to changing market conditions.

Join us for a insightful evening featuring 3 panelists from the industry.

This is event will be hosted by David Loughlan

Please see the schedule below:

6:00 PM – Doors open – food, drinks and networking.

6:45 PM – Intro to event.

6:50 PM – 3 x short talks – 10-15 mins each.

7:35 PM – Short comfort break.

7:45 PM – Panel discussion.

8:15 PM – Drinks and networking.

9:00 PM – Close.

Topics covered at this event

How you define resilience in the context of entrepreneurship, and why is it crucial for business success

Examples of companies that have successfully pivoted in response to changing market conditions, and what lessons can we learn from them.

What strategies and frameworks can entrepreneurs use to assess when it’s necessary to pivot and how to identify new opportunities.

How can entrepreneurs foster a culture of adaptability and resilience within their teams and organisations.

What role does market research and customer feedback play in helping entrepreneurs make informed decisions during times of uncertainty.

How entrepreneurs balance the need for stability and long-term planning with the agility required for quick adaptations.

How can entrepreneurs effectively communicate changes and adaptations to stakeholders, including employees, investors, and customers.

Share personal experience and case study of a business that successfully adapted to a changing market, and what were the key factors that contributed to their success.

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