According to Forbes, XR technologies, including VR and AR, will be “one of the most transformative tech trends of the next five years.” While Spatial computing is set to open up endless possibilities for creativity, innovation, human connectivity, and new ways to of working.

But what does this new 3D-centric form of computing mean for Brand designs and a traditional 2D designer?

This webinar looks at the principles of XR technologies, an umbrella term that includes AR, VR, and MR, covering XR Development concepts with key takeaways including;

  • A look at various practical applications of spatial design principles.
  • Looking at the current software matrix to select appropriate tools to overcome the skills gap.
  • The importance and methods of high fidelity prototyping.
  • Understanding GUI (graphical user interface) and NUI (natural user interface)
  • Looking at creating Spatial design kits and patterns.
This event was hosted by David Loughlan.