A talk with Raffaele Di Meo from Doddle.

How often have you felt like your company doesn’t get UX design and you can’t do your best work? You can’t do research and feel like you are designing without understanding the problem to solve. They just want you to create something and make it look good. And we all know that’s not good UX.

How can you get the business to understand the importance of research in the UX process? What if I told you that you don’t need an entire research function to get started?

I have been in this position myself many times. However, I have established a customer-centric design approach in agency and corporate settings that took me from designing wireframes blind to Vietnam, Italy, and the US to meet customers and lead field projects.

This talk explores the foundation needed to start with customer-centricity. It explores what it means to take a research-led approach for designers and ways to get buy-in from the business. It provides practical examples of how research practices, such as ethnographic research and usability testing, have contributed to creating successful products used by the world’s biggest retailers and logistics companies.

This event was hosted by David Loughlan.