Unfortunately the word ‘Brand’ is misunderstood. It often gets associated with the visual identity but is not always driven through every part of a business. So, how do we make better brands and change the way we do business?

In this presentation, Dave will cover the two sides of branding. What people see, and what people think. If you’re reading this thinking brand is the colours, logo and the website, you only know half of what a brand is about. Dave will go over things like how your brand moves and sounds, how your values can be translated into your day-to-day activities and operations, through to things like why your values influence how you answer the phone, and other micro-interactions, all of which build a brand.

What you’ll take away:

– And understanding of absolutely everything that goes into building a strong brand
– How your values should affect everything you do across the business
– Which quick wins you could implement to re-align some of your processes with your brand

– Where you can find support if you don’t know what your values are and how to apply them to your brand

Dave will also offer a 30-min free lunch and learn people can attend where we discuss their values and give suggestions on how to better apply them to their brand to strengthen it.

This event was hosted by David Loughlan.