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15 Feb 2024

How to Make Impact as a UX Designer from Solo to Scale

Jaspreet will speak through her journey as a solo designer and how she successfully grew an […]

06 Dec 2023

Creating a customer-centric design culture

A talk with Raffaele Di Meo from Doddle. How often have you felt like your company […]

13 Sep 2023

Why “Web Performanceā€¯ needs to be “part of the conversation” for marketers

A hands-on 1-hour workshop with Andy Nicol from Sputnik Digital. In this webinar, Andy talks about […]

15 Jun 2023

Inclusive Design: Building Digital Products for Everyone

This panel will explore the importance of inclusive design in digital products, discuss practical steps towards […]

15 Jun 2023

The Role of Creativity in Digital Product Development

Watch back our October 5th event! This panel will explore the importance of creativity in the […]

14 Jun 2023

The Future of Digital Innovation: Emerging Tech Trends

Watch back the event we had on September 14th. This event will delve into the latest […]