Online Hosting Guide 2023

Please read this guide on hosting, as well as the hosting FAQ at the bottom of the page. You will have a practice session with a member of the team to go through all of this and to meet the speaker ahead of the event.

Joining the event:

You will be emailed a panellist link, which you will use to join the event. You will also receive a reminder 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour prior to the event. Please join the event 15 mins before the start time of the session. We will be in a “practise session” which attendees are unable to join at this time.

15 minutes before the event:

The speaker, host and TBI team will join the webinar in the “practise session”.  We will make sure that the speaker can be heard, seen and can screen share during this time.

TBI will make you a co-host of the event once you join the session. This gives you full host ability for all cameras, mics and the Q&A.


Starting the event:

When everyone is ready and it is time for the event to begin, we will ask everyone to turn OFF their camera and microphones.

We will then click the ‘START WEBINAR NOW’ button to start the event. Attendees can now join the event. All events will be recorded unless the speaker notifies us ahead of time.

During this time, TBI will share their screen with a holding slide, whilst we wait for attendees to join the webinar.

We will leave the holding slide up for roughly 1 minute to allow attendees to join.

Introduction for the event:

Once we stop sharing the holding slide, please turn ON your camera and mic.

Please note: if your camera and microphone are on at any point during the webinar, this is what the attendees will see.

Once you have turned on your camera and mic:
– Introduce yourself, TBI and the event (please see suggested below).
– Ask the audience to use the Q&A function to ask any questions for the speaker.
– Introduce the speaker with a short bio and invite them to the “virtual stage”. They will then turn on their camera and mic and start sharing their screen. If you could confirm that their screen share is working verbally, and then you can turn OFF your camera and mic.

During the event:

The speaker will then begin their session, which will be around 30-40 mins.

You can use the chat function to contact the TBI Team at any time if you have any issues during the call. Make sure this is set to all panellists, not attendees.

Please note: the TBI team will not have their cameras or microphones on during the event at all.

You can monitor the Q&A while the speaker is presenting. If there are any non-talk related questions the TBI Team will answer them by writing back. Any other questions can be answered live during the Q&A. The TBI Team will dismiss any questions that are inappropriate or repeated.

Beginning the Q&A:

Once the speaker is finished, please turn ON your camera and mic for moderating questions. You and the speaker will then both be side by side on the screen. If you can also thank the speaker for their session before starting the Q&A.

Starting the Q&A:
– Start by asking a few of the plant questions to get the Q&A started (these will be emailed to you ahead of the session).
– After you have done this, moderate all questions in the Q&A.

The Q&A within Zoom:
– The Q&A is found on the bottom of your screen and will pop out. To view the questions, they will be in the “open” section of the Q&A pop out.There is an upvote option for attendees, where the most voted for questions will appear at the top.
– When answering a question from the Q&A, click “answer live”. Ask that question verbally and wait for the answer. Once it’s answered click “done” and it will move over to the answered section of the Q&A.

Ending the event:

When we are near the end, say we have time for one more question and choose that question. Then thank the speaker and attendees.

Please do not worry if the session does not run the full hour. If there are no additional questions after the plant questions, bring the webinar to a close.

The TBI Team will then end the broadcast after you and the speaker say goodbye. We will NOT go back into the practice session, the webinar will end for everyone.