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07 Jun 2024

Speaker Spotlight – David O’Hearns

David O’Hearns has worked within the creative industry for over 25 years. Starting as a graphic designer following his graduation from Newcastle College…

12 Mar 2024

Speaker Spotlight – Raffaele Di Meo

Raff Di Meo is a Product Designer based in the UK. With 10 years of experience in the digital industry and a background in business, Raff is passionate about the intersection between business and design…

27 Feb 2024

Speaker Spotlight – Andy Nicol

I have 25 years under my belt in digital/product, am lucky to have worked with some amazing clients on some fascinating projects…

18 Dec 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Vanessa Julia Carpenter

Dr. Vanessa Julia Carpenter is the founder and Interaction Designer at Kintsugi Design, a design studio specializing in interaction design, femtech, and creating robust futures. Vanessa is also co-creating…

13 Dec 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Simone Paul Tamussin

An Italian born in England, I would define myself as a Payments’ geek, passionate about product management and growing product teams, I love challenges…

10 Dec 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Jessica Bjoeredahl

After a few years in Marketing writing, I fell into UX…and fell in love with it. I’ve been working in UX content for more than six years now…

17 Apr 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Julia Glenn

I’m the Design Innovation Lead for the Healthy Ageing Challenge and also the Lead for the Mindset XR Programme at innovateuk. My role in the design is to ensure…

04 Apr 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Soledad Galli

Soledad Galli is a data scientist, instructor, and software developer with more than 10 years of experience in world-class academic institutions and renowned businesses…

20 Mar 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Antonio Campello

Antonio is a senior data scientist at Digital Science, helping clients leverage machine learning to extract useful information from large-scale academic literature data. Prior to that, he was a senior…

13 Mar 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Leonel Sentana

Leonel is a Data Scientist with 12+ years’ experience in the field. His north star is to help organizations grow by the means of AI, data and science. He loves to work in multi-cultural teams which he had the chance to lead in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeito, Dublin, and Madrid…

12 Feb 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Akmal Chaudhri

I help build global developer communities and raise awareness of technology through presentations and technical writing. I have previously held roles as a developer…

11 Feb 2023

Speaker Spotlight – John Edwards

John is a consultant in the fields of Digital Signal Processing, Machine Learning and embedded systems. John has worked as a…